How to get SEO/PPC clients – The unconventional way

For anyone doing client SEO and is stuck with getting clients.

We know getting clients is (probably) the hardest thing to do. If ranking is your issue, than I guess you are in the wrong business to start with.

I see a lot of tactics being used, from webinars, cold calling, cold emails, various tools etc.

But they all lack one cruicial thing…TRUST! Who the *bleep* are you and why should they listen to you or/and give you their money.

I have found cold ______ (add anything) really hard to convert.

What I did have super success with is a pretty simple tactic which I suggest you try to incorporate into your “client getting” tactic. Its going after trust, that is already in place.

But how?

Most websites were not made by the owner, cause they used a website designer of some sort. In 99% of the cases these designers have no specific knowledge of SEO/PPC etc. but they do have the TRUST of the client and have already recieved €€ $$ from them. If they are on some sort of maintainance fee they are in constant contact with them.

So what to do?

Reach out to designers (start localy to get the hang of it) via footer links most of them leave behind and propose a cooperation (split revenue / commission based / flat fee etc.) for any traffic they might reffer.

I ve done this plenty of times and even had designers come to me asking for cooperation. The conversions are through the roof and most website makers have dozens if not hundreds of clients already trusting them.

Of course you should deliver on your promises or you ain`t getting far!

Just wanted to share this view, that has brought in or should I say is bringing in at lest 20-30% of my monthly income.

Try it. Nothing to lose whatsoever.

Hope this helps.

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Sincerely, Buyseech