Another idea for offline client acquisition…

Hey guys/gals,
I was just driving toward a meeting with a potential new client when I realized I could share this with my FB SEOs. Once I started forming what I would actually write about I lost track of thought and missed the meeting point by freaking 4 blocks but got the deal done nonetheless.
So what is this mysterious offline tactic I would like to share?
Workshops! More precisely Local LIVE (in person) SEO workshops!
I am just a few hours away from speaking at my 10th (something in that area) workshop about SEO. It is not actually organized by me (it could have been), but I just get paid to speak about SEO for about 3 hours.
Usually there are about 10-15 people at a time, that just paid the organizers (who sets it all up, runs ads/promotions, does the content marketing leading up to it…) a fair fee in return for some basic (with some real cool nuggets as well) SEO knowledge that they can implement instantly to their own sites or the sites of the companies they work for.

How does that relate to getting clients?

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How to get SEO/PPC clients – The unconventional way

For anyone doing client SEO and is stuck with getting clients.

We know getting clients is (probably) the hardest thing to do. If ranking is your issue, than I guess you are in the wrong business to start with.

I see a lot of tactics being used, from webinars, cold calling, cold emails, various tools etc.

But they all lack one cruicial thing…TRUST! Who the *bleep* are you and why should they listen to you or/and give you their money.

I have found cold ______ (add anything) really hard to convert.

What I did have super success with is a pretty simple tactic which I suggest you try to incorporate into your “client getting” tactic. Its going after trust, that is already in place.

But how?

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