Blog comment worth 1000`s $ – How can this work in 2017?

Have you ever heard the phrase “You only have to be right once!” when talking about getting your ideas to work and become successfull?

Well the same goes for various tactics of SEO, link building, outreaching etc. that have many moving parts and will never be 100% defined. As with everything in the internet marketing space you have to TEST, TEST & TEST some more.

But in this particular case I wasn`t testing anything. I was doing the complete opposite; I was following some “lame” version of getting backlinks known to many as blog commenting.

Blog comments used to work pretty well 5-10 years ago when there were many DO-follow blog comments available (DO-follow links are links that pass link juice aka “power” to your site in Googles eyes). Nowadays most (95%+) blogs have no follow links in their comments so it`s not your go-to tactic for link building any more.

How can a blog comment be worth 1000$ then?

Let`s take a step back and think about the basic principle of what a blog comment is suppose to do in the first place. A blog comment was ment to either ask a question to the posts writer or to discuss a new topic closely related to the content. Right?

That`s right.

Everyone that promoted this tactic always explained that:

You should always read the actual post and provide value with your comment. By no means should you ever SPAM!

And they were right…

Nobody likes spam. Especially a certain someone who contacted me 14 days ago regarding my SEO services which his company was in desperate need of.

Why wouldn`t someone contact you, if you run a SEO agency?

I get inquiries all the time, but not on my private (Internet marketing only) email. I was flabergasted and couldn`t put my finger on it, so I did what any snooping SEO would do, I asked where the heck they got my email from 🙂

The person on the other side politely replied that I`ve “left it” at one of their sites, which got me even more confused. But hey business is business. They wanted to meet ASAP. Done!


It turns out that the lead was actually an owner of a 15-20 person software development and web apps agency, who also did web design for huge companies (some of the biggest in the country). They were in need of a SEO expert, cause more and more customers are asking about it. So there I was, smiles and all.

But the itch kept getting harder not to scratch. At the end of the meeting I touched on the “left your mail on our site” bit, and the CEO gladly showed me a site which I thought I saw for the first time ever. I still can`t recall seeing it before but who cares.

The CEO said:

This post is where you left a comment, with some good pointers on how the content is dated and might be dangerous for SEO and added some quick tips on what needs to be done. We checked it out and that was the case so you were the first person who came to mind when we needed SEO.

I couldn`t believe that back in 2015 when the comment was made purely for backlinking purposes (wanted to go beyond my PBN links for pillowing) they actually noticed the post on one of their many blogs and remembered to go back and check the contact info and shoot me an email.

In the first 30 minutes of ever seeing them they gave me 2 test projects (smaller ones) to start off the cooperation so that they can see if I will be a fit for them. These 2 projects alone are worth well over 1000$ with many more hopefully to come.

The point to all of this is to never sleep on using multiple channels of incoming traffic to your site, as well as providing value on as many platforms as you possibly can. You never know who is watching/reading. You might get a retweet from someone with a 100.000 followers and your work can go viral. Your idea might strike a chord with a powerfull investor and can skyrocket your business.

Don`t just stick to conventional one-dimensional types of promotions. Add value and make an impact anywhere you can, be it 1-1 or to 100.000 followers.

Wanna be a millionaire? Make a positive impact on a million people. 100% success guaranteed.

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Sincerely, Buyseech


P.s.: The most ironic part of the story was the fact that the comment was never actually approved. 😀 #truefact



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