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So you have done it. The one thing that might just scar you for the rest of your life. You lost your Google Adsense account. If you have been banned, you probably know that there is a 99.99% that you will never get it back. Sorry, but that’s the cold hard truth. Don’t expect an explanation from the Google Adsense team as well. If you have a brother, sister or any other family member living with you that has had their account banned, you are toast as well.

Instead of crying about it, you should look into various Google Adsense alternatives out there. There are dozens of them on the market, but I (alongside a team of other Adsense junkies) tested out various ones and came up with the following “TOP 5 Google Adsense Alternatives”. Hopefully this will monetize your traffic well, but to be completely honest, there is no equivalent PPC system to Google Adsense. We have gone as high up as reaching 45% of the Adsense income with a couple of the Google Adsense alternatives stated bellow.

Google Adsense Alternative #1 : Chitika

While advertising according to your website content can be an effective marketing tool, there are several Google AdSense alternatives that may prove equally useful. Chitika, for example, focuses on impulse merchandising by targeting ads according to visitor search keywords. With Chitika, the ads are not readily visible by simply visiting your site directly, and visitors must use a search engine to continue. Originally begun as a support system for existing publishing and advertising programs, Chitika can help web publishers earn revenue with this unique approach.

Unlike traditional ad boxes, Chitika started by showing active boxes that highlighted products targeted from a variety of manufacturers. Reading a blog that included a discussion of a particular product would likely give visitors a view of a Chitika box with links for the product in question as well as other similar products. If visitors continued on and actually bought the products, you would then earn a commission. Chitika now offers premium advertisements that are more likely to generate revenue, and this is due in large part to their newer and unique click predicting technology. Since select ads are shown when visitors are most likely to click on them, there is greater likelihood that you will earn advertisement revenue.

Google Adsense Alternative #2 : Bidvertiser

For small business owners looking for effective website solutions, Bidvertiser may be one of the most useful alternatives to date. Somewhat unique to Bidvertiser, you can select free design ad formats and create individualized text ads. While this may lead to an ad that has a unique look, you may run the risk of having an ad displayed that is below standard quality. As many advertisers prefer to control their ad layouts, you may be better off in terms of your generated revenue by sticking with standard advertising formats.

Bidvertiser has added some new features that may help improve your earnings, and one of these features is referred to as a conversion bonus. In addition to being paid for the usual valid clicks, this affiliate marketer also tracks clicks to see if they result in valid leads. If this happens, Bidvertiser will pay an extra conversion bonus. If your website directs attention to several highly valuable leads, this may mean a significant monthly bonus for your business. An additional bonus of this sort may be higher than standard cost per click earnings.

Bidvertiser also offers a revenue generating toolbar that may also be quite useful. The toolbar may be customized with varying logos, tools, and links and you may distribute your personalized toolbar to those who visit your website. This in turn may lead to revenue once visitors use your toolbar for their searches.

Google Adsense Alternative #3 : Adbrite

Whether you are a website owner or an advertiser, AdBrite may be an ideal alternative for a number of important reasons. While AdBrite may not offer the largest selection of advertising formats, website owners appreciate being able to manually approve any ads that appear on their sites. Likewise, advertisers like deciding which sites host their ads, and this is why AdBrite ranks as a major competitor when compared to Google Adsense. AdBrite offers the most popular advertising formats, as well as some page links that have consistently good click through rates. Strategically placed full page advertisements may be an additional way to make the most of your visitor traffic as well.

Compared to Google Adsense, AdBrite is often viewed as having less stringent terms and conditions. This is likely due to the fact that AdBrite is more open to accepting bloggers and other smaller publishers. Publishers can also set their own advertising rates, and you can sell your ads to visitors through your own unique link as well. This may account for approximately half of the generated sales, with the other portion coming from the AdBrite sales team and marketplace. AdBrite may also be used along with Google AdSense as well as Google AdSense alternatives if bid prices are not at your preferred minimum.

Google Adsense Alternative #4 : Clicksor

Much like Google AdSense, Clicksor uses technology that targets ads according to your particular content. This alternative is also a favorite of many small publishers, and Clicksor offers a variety of ad formats such as pop-unders, banner, and in-text. With a typically impressive cost per click outcome, subscribers can routinely anticipate earning a respectable income. Clicksor terms and conditions appear to be designed to make setup as streamlined as possible for subscribers, and their advertisements are helpfully context sensitive. While Clicksor may not have the most comprehensive or detailed statistics, you will likely receive enough useful feedback to keep accurate readings regarding any of your website trends.

The main advantage with Clicksor is that subscribers are relieved of having to make decisions in anticipation of what visitors may be searching for, thanks to the context sensitive technology. You can also add a virtually unlimited number of domains and sites, and this can be done under one account. Once your home page is approved, you can freely place ads on any of your subpages if you use Clicksor. The potential downside may be that Clicksor leans toward a more restrictive policy in terms of what accounts they do and do not accept.

Google Adsense Alternative #5 : Infolinks

Infolinks is relatively new in comparison to other Google AdSense alternatives, and the emphasis with this alternative is on in-text advertising. If your page contains phrases and keywords that are not linked to your best advantage, Infolinks will subsequently convert these phrases and keywords into advertising links. When a visitor scrolls across these links boxes open up and display the ads, and clicking on the link results in payment for Infolinks subscribers. Positive feedback usually includes how effective and straightforward the process works, and Infolinks may also be used with advertising campaigns that may already be in use in connection with business websites.

While Infolinks may not necessarily live up to claims of being an industry leader in terms of revenue guarantees, their payouts are generally considered good when compared to in-text advertising offered by other Internet marketing tools. This may be an especially useful option if your site is under construction, since Infolinks will conveniently make link conversions as needed. Many subscribers find this to be a subtle way to get visitors to click on their links without overwhelming them with flashy pop-ups or banners. The bottom line is that you are paid for each click and revenue is generated for your business.

While there is seemingly no shortage of alternatives to Google AdSense, the right choice for you may depend upon several factors. Ease or difficulty of setup, customization options, and available formats should all be considered. How and when you are paid should be factored into your final decision, and remembering to periodically review all of these considerations can help ensure that the marketing tool you select is fully supporting your site goals.

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